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Forcola (mt. 289)
On the outskirts of Val Fabiolo is a country that does not appear in the valley: the rocks that surround vertical and steep valleys suggest quite a different altitude.
But Forcola is there to share 289, with the dome of the Parish of St. Joseph that overlooks the city and the river Adda, flowing nearby.
As frozen in time has not forgotten the importance of agriculture and livestock, thus enable peaceful walks suitable for the whole family, on foot or by bicycle.
Walks that you can continue to Val Tartano Along an old trail that climbs from the village in the valley of the river Sirta Fabiola places to camp along the route you can visit and Lavisolo Sostila, the villages inhabited only in summer, wrapped in chestnut trees and cherry trees.
A Sostila, once inhabited all year, innate charm is the small church and cemetery remained intact nineteenth century to today.
Crutch is still famous for the "narrow San Gregorio" military history has seen these unforgettable places, a strategic crossing point in the Middle Ages which is still shrouded in legends and stories: it is said that there were prisons , burn witches, bloody executions.