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Ardenno (mt. 266)
To give an account of the glorious past of the Ardennes and its surroundings are its churches to the 800 it surveyed were less than 17.
A country of Lower Valtellina at the heart of the historical events of 400, just to Ardenno was signed on March 17 of 1487 treaty between the commander of troops Sforza Renato Trivulzio and Graubünden, who agreed to leave the Valtellina after it invaded and plundered.
Point rise for the striking Val Masino, where more than day trips you can relax in baths of the same name, Ardennes enjoys a climatically happy.
The mountain villages were once the most populous but still makes a fine show in each of them a church.
Remarkable artistic heritage of the town: the collegiate church of San Lorenzo Ardenno was built in the fifteenth century and features one of the masterpieces of the Valtellina, the wooden altarpiece carved in 1539 by Giovanni Angelo Del Mayne.
Not less sacred buildings of the villages in Biolo parish church you can admire a fresco of the early sixteenth century and three medallions of Peter Ligari.
Still climbing the mountain to get to Gaggio, birthplace of the famous painter John Peter Ligari Valtellina.