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Val Masino (mt. 900)
The magnificent Val Masino seems suspended between heaven and earth close by mountains which protect it in its full beauty.
The namesake stream appears in a call to rise from Ardenno along the highway which is the space between the surrounding wilderness and make the journey itself a discovery.
But the adventure of the senses begins when walking and biking trails and paths, surrounded in his secular woods.
The rest is accompanied by the scent of nature, until at the Bagni di Masino, for a total well-being immersed in hot thermal water (38%), calcium sulfate-Mediomineral known since ancient times for their exceptional healing properties.
It came through a carriage road, and today the charm is timeless and the peaks of Val Masino are there, frozen in time waiting for the more adventurous hikers.
Imposing mountains, groups Masino Bregaglia Accident and do not need presentations and their charm is added to the Val di Mello, where you get reaching Cascina Plains, at an altitude of 1022 m: sensational success here collects each year "Melloblocco" the international gathering that sees the best bouldering climb the huge granite boulders rolled downhill, and be faced with bare hands.
And to complete the pleasures of five senses, the food is breathtaking.