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Morbegno (mt. 262)

The ancient village of Morbegno has transformed over time into a quiet and lovely city even by those who love shopping.
What is called "the city of Bitto" welcomes gourmets and nature lovers, invite them to come to the coast of Cech and into the surrounding valleys, the pastures where traditions have remained intact, from the production of the most famous cheese of Valtellina .
Morbegno oozes history, just a stroll through its picturesque streets to see that the momentum towards modernity has not dimmed the importance of what remains of the past.
The dance hall of the Palazzo Malacrida is a treasure trove of precious frescoes and the nearby ancient "court of miracles" is breathtaking with its brick arches.
The ancient palaces of via Priula, the church of San Rocco on the road in Val Gerola, the charming old town with its shops, already enough for a visit to the city.
Except that other examples of sacred architecture are over there, waiting to be discovered.
The city honors the culinary tradition with two summer events:
The exhibition Bitto and Morbegno Winery.