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Rogolo (mt. 216)
The splendor of the past is rediscovered through the ancient paths that lead to St. George's Church of Lombard origin, which gives the view of splendid frescoes and where once there was the Castle of Vicedomini, Vitani destroyed by the Guelphs in 1304, but rebuilt finally dismantled from the Grisons in the first half of the sixteenth century and which remain the ruins of the tower.
Walk through the woods to the ancient villages and Erla Fistolera means rediscovering rural dwelling hidden in the woods and the precious church of Our Lady of the Snows, dipped in chestnut.
This little country of Lower Valtellina, nestled in the woods and valleys of Hvar Bitto, knew a great time in religious devotion that is rediscovered in the eighteenth century Sant'Abbondio Parish, where the altar in polychrome marble and the great fresco of Jeremiah Fumagalli depicting the Crucifixion is just a taste of the jewels of religious art that adorn.